Sunday, August 28, 2016

Guest Blogger...Behind the Name: Bibliophile Soprano

Fay from Bibliophile Soprano was supposed to be my guest during the Summer Blogger Promo Tour, but due to Internet issues and illness, that week didn't go as planned. I still wanted you all to get a chance to "meet" and learn more about Fay and her blog so here she is to tell you more about her blog and its unique name...

Hi, bookish friends! Some of you might be curious about my blog name, and I thought of sharing the meaning of Bibliophile Soprano for my SBPT post this week.

When I was thinking of starting a book blog, I wanted a blog name that would represent me. I love books and I love music. I wanted to sing bookish songs for the books that I love.

Wait, what is a bookish song?

A bookish song can be any of the following:
- an existing song that reminds me of a book;
- a modified song (same tune, different lyrics) that fits a book;
- an original song based on the story of a book
My bookish songs are uploaded on SoundCloud.

Okay, back to my blog name. I first thought of The Singing Bibliophile, but after taking a friend’s opinion into consideration, I decided to use Bibliophile Soprano - with “bibliophile” representing the bookish part, and “soprano” representing the musical part.

I use @bookishsongs as my Twitter handle because @bibliophilesoprano exceeds the character limit. I would have loved to use it! At least Instagram allowed the username - so if you’d like to see my bookstagram, head over to @bibliophilesoprano. :)

That’s it for the short story behind my blog name! Thank you for dropping by to read this post!

Thank you, Fay, for the explanation!  I think music is a wonderful way to express your love for books!

Everyone go check out her blog, Bibliophile Soprano!

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