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Audiobook Blog Tour: The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald & Narrated by Heather Henderson...Review & Giveaway!

Today it's my turn to tell you about The Egg and I audiobook!
Keep reading to learn more, to read my review, and to enter the amazing giveaways!

About the Audiobook

Author: Betty MacDonald

Narrator: Heather Henderson

Length: 9 hours

Publisher: Post Hypnotic Press⎮2015

Genre: Humor, Memoir

When Betty MacDonald married a marine and moved to a small chicken farm on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, she was largely unprepared for the rigors of life in the wild. With no running water, no electricity, a house in need of constant repair, and days that ran from four in the morning to nine at night, the MacDonalds had barely a moment to put their feet up and relax. And then came the children. Yet through every trial and pitfall – through chaos and catastrophe – this indomitable family somehow, mercifully, never lost its sense of humor. A beloved literary treasure for more than half a century, Betty MacDonald’s The Egg and I is a heartwarming and uproarious account of adventure and survival on the American frontier.

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  About the Author

Betty Bard MacDonald (1907–1958), the best-selling author of The Egg and I and the classic Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle children’s books, burst onto the literary scene shortly after the end of World War II. Readers embraced her memoir of her years as a young bride operating a chicken ranch on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, andThe Egg and I sold its first million copies in less than a year. The public was drawn to MacDonald’s vivacity, her offbeat humor, and her irreverent take on life. In 1947, the book was made into a movie starring Fred MacMurray and Claudette Colbert, and spawned a series of films featuring MacDonald’s Ma and Pa Kettle characters.

MacDonald followed up the success of The Egg and I with the creation of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, a magical woman who cures children of their bad habits, and with three additional memoirs: The Plague and I (chronicling her time in a tuberculosis sanitarium just outside Seattle), Anybody Can Do Anything (recounting her madcap attempts to find work during the Great Depression), and Onions in the Stew (about her life raising two teenage daughters on Vashon Island).

Author Paula Becker was granted full access to Betty MacDonald’s archives, including materials never before seen by any researcher. Looking for Betty MacDonald, the first official biography of this endearing Northwest storyteller, reveals the story behind the memoirs and the difference between the real Betty MacDonald and her literary persona.

Post Hypnotic Press

About the Narrator

Heather Henderson is a voice actress and audiobook narrator with a 20-year career in literary and performing arts. Her narrations include the NYT bestseller (now also a feature film) Brain on Fire; and Sharon Creech’s The Boy on the Porch, which won her an Earphones award and was named one of the Best Children’s Audiobooks for 2013 by Audiofile Magazine. She earned her Doctor of Fine Arts degree at the Yale School of Drama, and is co-curator of, a pronunciation research site for the audiobook industry. In 2015, Heather was a finalist for a Voice Arts Award (Outstanding Narration, Audiobook Classics), for her narration of Betty MacDonald’s The Egg and I.


My Review

Title: The Egg and I
Author:  Betty MacDonald
Narrator:  Heather Henderson
Format: Audiobook
Running Time: 9hrs
Source:  Audiobookworm Promotions Blog Tour

I remember seeing the film adaptation of The Egg and I as a kid and I can't remember a time when Ma and Pa Kettle, two of its most famous characters were not a part of my life as they have always been favorites of my father, thus favorites of mine.  However, I had never had the opportunity to read the book that inspired the film and its characters and am so glad I took the time to listen to the audiobook version.

Written in the 1940s and based on author Betty MacDonald's real life, The Egg and I is filled with the author's experiences and observations from when she and her husband moved to a chicken farm in rural Washington state. Life wasn't always easy for Betty and her family, but they persevered. As the synopsis suggests, Betty seemed to keep her sense of humor about most things based on the wit and humor she uses in telling her stories. The little anecdotes shared about her life on the chicken ranch are quite humorous and colorful as are the characters (including the animals) our author introduces us to along the way.

However, although appropriate to the time period, there are a few problematic observations or descriptions used when it comes to some of her Native American and rural neighbors that might bother some who read or hear them.  But keep in mind the author's experiences (or lack of) and time period when this book was written.

As for Heather Henderson's narration, it was absolutely perfect and I am so glad I listened to the audiobook version of this book despite its length (9hrs). Somehow hearing the story told to me rather than reading it myself, made everything better and funnier. It was as if the author herself was telling me what had happened. Through both the author's words and the way the narrator delivered them, I could easily picture someone from the city trying to adjust to an isolated life filled with chickens, outhouses, and plenty of other things she never thought she'd have to deal with when she got married and started a family.

This classic book was narrated beautifully with plenty of humor and fun.  I enjoyed hearing about the author's experiences as she adjusted to life on a chicken ranch.

My Rating: 4 Stars

*I received a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.*


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Blog Tour: Forget Me Always by Sara Wolf...with Giveaway!

Today I am going to tell you about this great book by author Sara Wolf!
It's a sequel to Love Me Never (which I also enjoyed)!
Keep reading for more info and the giveaway!
And please be sure to check back later today for my reviews of both of these books!

About the Book

Forget Me Always (Lovely Vicious #2) by Sara Wolf
Publication Date: November 1, 2016
Publisher: Entangled Teen

It’s been three years, twenty-five weeks, and five days since Isis Blake fell in love, and if she has it her way, it’ll stretch into infinity. Since then, she’s punched Jack Hunter—
her nemesis-turned-maybe-something-more—in the face, survived a brutal attack by her mom’s abusive ex thanks to Jack’s heroics, and then promptly forgotten all about him.

The one bright spot for Isis is Sophia, the ephemeral girl who shares Isis’s hospital stay as well as a murky past with Jack. But as Isis’s memories return, she finds it harder and
harder to resist what she felt for Jack, and Jack finds it impossible to stay away from the only girl who’s ever melted the ice around his heart.

As the dark secrets surrounding Sophia emerge, Isis realizes Jack isn’t who she thought he was. He’s dangerous. But when Isis starts receiving terrifying emails from an
anonymous source, that danger might be the only thing protecting her from something far more threatening.

Her past.

Other Books in the Series

Book Title: Love Me Never (Lovely Vicious, #1)
Author: Sara Wolf
Release Date: Apr. 5, 2016
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance / Dark Comedy

Previously published as Lovely Vicious, this fully revised and updated edition is full of romance, intrigue, and laugh-out-loud moments.

Don’t love your enemy. Declare war on him.

Seventeen-year-old Isis Blake hasn’t fallen in love in three years, nine weeks, and five days, and after what happened last time, she intends to keep it that way. Since then she’s lost eighty-five pounds, gotten four streaks of purple in her hair, and moved to Buttcrack-of-Nowhere, Ohio, to help her mom escape a bad relationship.

All the girls in her new school want one thing—Jack Hunter, the Ice Prince of East Summit High. Hot as an Armani ad, smart enough to get into Yale, and colder than the Arctic, Jack Hunter’s never gone out with anyone. Sure, people have seen him downtown with beautiful women, but he’s never given high school girls the time of day. Until Isis punches him in the face.

Jack’s met his match. Suddenly everything is a game.

The goal: Make the other beg for mercy.
The game board: East Summit High.
The reward: Something neither of them expected.

About the Author 

Sara Wolf is a twenty-something author who adores baking, screaming at her cats, and screaming at herself while she types hilarious things. When she was a kid, she was too busy eating dirt to write her first terrible book. Twenty years later, she picked up a keyboard and started mashing her fists on it and created the monster known as the Lovely Vicious series. She lives in San Diego with two cats, a crippling-yet-refreshing sense of self-doubt, and not enough fruit tarts ever. 


One (1) winner will receive an audiobook copy of Love Me Never By Sara Wolf,

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Chapter by Chapter

Book Blitz: More Than Friends By Monica Murphy...Excerpt and Giveaway!

more than friends monica murphy

About the Book

more than friendsMore than Friends by Monica Murphy
Release Date: November 14th, 2016
Genre: Young Adult Romance
Cover Designer: Hang Le
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He’s not perfect, but he’s all I want…

I’m your average girl at your average high school, trying to figure out my place in life. After catching my now ex-boyfriend messing around with my now ex-best friend, I’ve made some big changes. No more band, no more backstabbing friends and no more boring old life. Now I have new friends, a new job and new interests.

 But there’s a certain someone who’s interested in me, and I don’t get it. Jordan Tuttle could have anyone he wants. He’s the most popular boy in school. Rich, gorgeous, smart and the star quarterback, he’s perfect. Yet he acts like he wants no one else but…me.

 So despite my fears and doubt, I let him get close. Probably too close. I discover that he’s not so perfect after all, but it doesn’t matter. I’m falling for him, even though he runs so hot and cold. I know someday he’s going to break my heart.

And I’m going to let him

AN (1)

About the Author

Monica Murphy is the New York Times, USA Today and #1 international bestselling author of the One Week Girlfriend series, the Billionaire Bachelors and The Rules series. Her books have been translated in almost a dozen languages and has sold over one million copies worldwide. She is both self-published and published by Random House/Bantam and Harper Collins/Avon. She writes new adult, young adult and contemporary romance. She is a wife and a mother of three who lives in central California on fourteen acres in the middle of nowhere along with their one dog and too many cats. A self-confessed workaholic, when she’s not writing, she’s reading or hanging out with her husband and kids. She’s a firm believer in happy endings, though she will admit to putting her characters through angst-filled moments before they finally get that hard won HEA.

 Connect with Monica: 



Read below for an excerpt from More than Friends:

More than Friends ~ Monica Murphy
Chapter 1 reveal
Chapter One
I’m cruising on my bike, contemplating everything Livvy just told me. How her mom was so mad when she discovered Livvy had spent the night at Ryan’s house, she's grounded her and took away her phone. Livvy is seriously going to lose her mind being grounded for so long, unable to see Ryan unless we’re at school. That won’t be enough for her. When it comes to Ryan, it feels like nothing is ever enough for her.
At least I’m not in trouble like she is. 
Liv’s going to stress out over Ryan, though. Over those hours when she’s not with him and he could possibly be up to no good. She worries about him all the time. I get it—sort of. He seems to play games, and that must get exhausting.    
Truthfully, I wouldn’t put up with that crap. But I’m not Livvy. 
Thank goodness.  
The wind blows through my hair as I make a right into my neighborhood, turning the wild strands into a tangled mess. Not that I care. There’s no one I’m hoping to impress. It’ll just be Sunday night dinner with the family, as usual. I’m not even sure if they’re home yet. Dad mentioned something about going to Home Depot to pick out fall flowers for the yard, and Mom said something about shower curtains and Bed, Bath & Beyond.    
Bleh. I’m glad I made my escape when I did.  
My house slowly comes into view and I smile to myself. I might not live in a giant mansion in a fancy neighborhood like my new so-called friends, but our house is nice. Small and on the older side, but it’s cute, with a pretty front yard and a big porch with a white swing… 
Oh. Crap. There’s someone sitting on the swing. His arms are spread out along the back of the wooden frame, his gaze locked directly on me, like he knew I was going to appear at any second.  
It’s Jordan Tuttle.   
My heart is racing as I press gently on the brakes, taking him in, my gaze roving over every single tiny feature that makes him Jordan. I want to slow down the moment, revel in the anticipation of finding him waiting for me. He rises to his feet, runs a hand over his thick, perfect hair almost nervously, and a shuddery breath leaves me.     
The memory hits me, socks me in the stomach and leaves me aching. I remember what it felt like, having those hands on me just last night. His mouth on mine, the words he whispered in my ear. It wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t something I made up inside my head, because seriously, I was starting to wonder if I really was losing my mind when it came to Jordan Tuttle.  
But no. Jordan is real. He’s in my life because he wants to be here for some crazy reason.   
And now he’s waiting for me, his hands on his hips, the faintest smile on his face as he continues to watch me.  
“What are you doing here?” I ask as I make my approach, hopping off my bike so I can roll it up the front walkway.    
We meet in the middle, Jordan stopping just in front of me. “Nice way to greet me.”   
I frown, worried I was doing everything wrong. He had a way of making me feel like that. “How should I greet you?”  
“Like this.” His hand is suddenly curled around my nape when he pulls me in for a too-quick yet somehow lingering kiss. My lips tingle when he pulls away, and by the smug expression on his face, I know he knows the effect he has on me.  
“Jordan,” I chastise, stepping away from him and nearly tripping over my stupid bike. Luckily enough, he catches me by the elbow, steadying me before I fall over like an idiot. “What if my parents are inside?” 
“They’re not.” He grabs the bike from me, nudges the kickstand down and sets it in place on the sidewalk a few feet away from us. “Where’ve you been?”  
His confidence makes me crazy. He’s so sure of himself, and I wish I had even an ounce of his self-assuredness. 
I don’t. Not even close. He lives in another realm. I’m just a lowly peon compared to His Majesty, Lord Jordan Tuttle. 
“I went over to Livvy’s,” I tell him when I realize he’s waiting for my answer. As usual, my mind wanders when I’m in his presence. “I wanted to make sure she’s okay.”  
Jordan frowns. “She is, right?”  
“Oh yeah, her mom just grounded her for life.” When he sends me a come on face, I 
readjust. “Fine, she’s grounded for a couple weeks. No phone. No Ryan.” 
“It might do her some good, the no Ryan thing,” he mutters. 
I say nothing. I don’t understand the relationship he has with Ryan. They’re friends. Then they’re not. They’re teammates always, and that’s something Jordan has to deal with no matter what.  
“What are you up to right now?” I ask, hoping to change the subject. 
He smiles. Reaches out to tuck a wayward strand of hair behind my ear. I feel that innocent touch all the way down to my toes, which are currently curling in my battered 
white Converse. “I want to take you out.” 
My mouth drops open. “In public?”  
The frown is back. It’s not fair, how attractive he still is despite the scowl he’s currently wearing. “Of course in public. What the hell, Mandy.”  
I shrug, my cheeks burning with embarrassment. “We haven’t actually been seen together.” 
He grabs my hand and pulls me in close. My body immediately goes hot and I wonder if he has some sort of powerful force field I can’t resist. “I want to change that.” 
My gaze meets his and I can’t look away. He’s so sincere. So serious. “What happened between us last night was…”  
“Real.” He kisses me again. Another brief brush of lips on lips, yet I’m decimated. Shaky all over when he pulls away. When my ex Thad kissed me, I never felt like this. Ever. 
“Maybe we were just caught up in a moment?” I ask tentatively. It’s like I’m always waiting for the bomb to drop. For the joke to be on me. No one in a million years would ever match me with Jordan Tuttle. Not even me. So what’s his deal? Why is he so persistent? I don’t get it. 
I like it, but he also scares me. I don’t want to get hurt. 
I don’t want my heart to be broken.  
“Every time I’m near you, I get caught up in a moment.” One side of his perfect mouth tips up in this semi-smile that is absolutely adorable. I wish I had my phone out so I could snap a pic of him. “Maybe we need to give this a try and see if all we ever experience together is one giant moment.”   
“That’s impossible.” The words are out before I can stop them and I slap my hand over my mouth, my eyes wide as I stare up at him. 
Jordan actually laughs, shaking his head. It’s a rare sound, but wow, is it amazing. “Nothing’s impossible if you want it bad enough.”  
I drop my hand, gaping up at him. “So are you saying that you want—me?”  
“Yes.” He dips his head, his mouth hovering above mine. “I do.” 

The Giveaway

 Signed paperback of More than Friends, open to US residents only 

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Blog Tour: Shadow of a Girl by Shannon Greenland...Excerpt & Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, I reviewed this wonderful book and had the author as a can read my 4 1/2 Stars Review here!
Today I have a short excerpt to share with there's a giveaway!
So keep reading and be sure to check out this amazing book!

About the Book

Shadow of a Girl
Shannon Greenland
Published by: Entangled: Teen
Publication date: September 19th 2016
Genres: Romance, Young Adult
Use cash and keep moving.
After I ran away from home, these were the two rules that dictated my life. Scoring a job as a roadie fit perfectly for what I needed. Traveling, cash, and  
life out of the spotlight. But when my path collides with West, the lead singer of Bus Stop, I can’t seem to stay out of his spotlight—especially since we’ll be touring together for an entire year. 
West is determined to break down my walls. He won’t give up. And little by little they come crumbling. But if he knew what lurked behind them, he wouldn’t be so eager to get rid of them. The more time we spend together, the more the lines of our friendship become blurred. He makes me dream of things I never thought possible. But while our friendship has been evolving into a romance, my secrets have been closing in. And just when I’ve decided to reveal my past to West, I’m confronted by it. The cost of my freedom could ruin the life of the guy I love… 

About the Author

Author Bio:
Shannon Greenland is the award winning author of several novels including the teen spy series, THE SPECIALISTS, and the YA romance, THE SUMMER MY LIFE BEGAN. Her latest teen novel, SHADOW OF A GIRL, is due out 9.19.16. She also writes thrillers under S. E. Green and lives off the coast of Florida with her very grouchy dog. Find her at


His hand stills. He doesn’t move. Neither do I, and neither one of us speaks. Then West shifts first, gently pushing me away, and rolls to a sitting position. He rubs his eyes and looks around and finally with a sigh, glances over his shoulder at me where I still lay on the blanket. 
“It’s late,” he says, “and you’ve got to be up early for work.”  
I nod, completely confused that he’s the one who pulled away.
He gets to his feet and holds out his hand. “Come on, I’ll walk you to your room.” 
I let him pull me up, and together we fold the blanket. But as I come toward him with my ends of the blanket, he slides one arm around my back and holds me to him. “Hug me,” he whispers. “Please?” 
His words liquefy my insides, and I don’t hesitate as I slip both arms around his waist and lay my face on his chest. With the blanket smooshed between us, I listen to his heartbeat as he pulls me in snug, resting his head on top of mine. Gently, he rocks me, humming a song I don’t recognize, but the tune buzzes through me, and I sink further into the embrace.  
We stand this way, gently swaying, as he hums the whole song. I haven’t cried in many years. The last time I did I was in excruciating pain. So when the wetness pools in my eyes, I blink my lids, surprised, realizing they’re tears of happiness. 
Exactly what tears should be.


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Blog Tour: Fates Entwined by Jules Barnard...Review and Giveaway!

Today I am stop on the Fates Entwined Blog Tour!
Fates Entwined in the second full book in the Halven Rising Series!
Keep reading to find out more about this wonderful fantasy series and to enter the giveaway!

About the Book

Fates Entwined (Halven Rising #2)
by Jules Barnard
Genre: YA Paranormal
Release Date: November 2016

Summary from Goodreads:

They can never be together. The notion is laughable. Humans are inferior, a scourge on the Fae and on the magic passed down to them by angels millennia ago. And if Keen finds himself drawn to the tiny human female, he keeps it to himself. He won’t add to the half-breed problem that threatens his people’s existence. 

Reese can’t stand Keen. He criticizes her clothing, won’t answer a straight question, and is too handsome for her peace of mind. 

Her entire life, people have pegged Reese for a shallow, ditzy blond. She won’t accept the stereotype from the large, arrogant Fae too. But after Keen saves her life, she begins to question what truly lies beneath his stoic demeanor. 

Forced together, Keen and Reese fight to survive among enemies, and Keen makes choices Reese couldn’t have predicted. She glimpses a side of him that is protective and dangerously seductive. 

But Keen refuses to acknowledge their connection. 

Until he's faced with the decision to betray his people, or lose Reese forever.

Other Books in the Series

Fates Altered (Halven Rising #0.5)

Fates Divided (Halven Rising #1)

About the Author

A RITA-nominated author, Jules Barnard began her publishing career in 2014 with Deep Blue, the first book in the contemporary Blue Series, hitting bestseller lists on Amazon, iBooks, and All Romance. In 2015, she launched Fates Divided, the first of a romantic fantasy series Library Journal calls “…an exciting new fantasy adventure.” Whether she’s writing about beautiful Lake Tahoe, or a Fae world embedded in a college campus, Jules spins suspenseful stories filled with realistic characters who have heart and humor.

When Jules isn’t in her sweatpants writing and rewarding herself with chocolate, she spends her time with her husband and two children in their small hometown on the California coast. She credits herself with the ability to read while running on the treadmill or burning dinner.

My Review

Title: Fates Entwined (Halven Rising Book 2)
Author : Jules Barnard
Format: Digital ARC
Source: Blog Tour

Fates Entwined is the second full book in the wonderfully entertaining Halven Rising series and while it can be read as a standalone, I'd recommend reading at least Book One, Fates Divided, first to fully enjoy and understand the history of the two there is a story arc and characters that appear throughout all of the books.

With this series, Jules Barnard has created a fascinating and intricate world of magic filled with intriguing characters and engaging plots.  With each book, we learn a little more about the Fae world and its relation to the human world as well learning more about and meeting interesting characters. Fates Entwined had me hooked from page one and I could not put it down.

In Fates Entwined, our main characters are Reese and Keen, two characters who are so different from each other, yet somehow you know they'll end up together despite the many obstacles in their way...and there are quite a few, including themselves. We first met Reese and Keen in Fates Divided where Reese is the roommate of Elena who is a Halven, or rather she's half Fae and half human, and Keen is a Fae bodyguard working to protect Elena as she works on a project for the Fae.  Sparks fly between Reese and Keen almost from the moment they meet, but both are too stubborn to admit their feelings.  Plus there were a whole lot of complications keeping these two apart.  But the relationship and attraction between the two grows stronger in Fates Entwined when Reese is trapped in the Fae realm and Keen must work to save her.

Reese and Keen are almost complete opposites, but it was nice to see them find some balance in each other even if neither wanted to admit it at first. I adore Reese and loved her in the first book so I was thrilled to see she was getting her own and it involved Keen.  She is a fun, strong character and her banter and interactions with Keen are great.  There are also quite a few revelations and surprises involving Reese that I wasn't expecting. Jules Barnard definitely knows how to keep a reader guessing.  Reese has a lot of adjustments to make and what she's gone through and learned would break anyone, yet she still stands strong.

Meanwhile, Keen comes from a world where humans are thought to be inferior so his feelings for Reese are quite a shock and something he tries hard to deny.  But the discoveries and events in this book shock him even more. He remains conflicted because of all he has been taught and his duty as a Guardian despite his attraction to Reese.  But when Reese is in danger, he vows to protect her any way possible and he means it.

It was nice to get inside their heads and see things from each of their perspectives in this book.  It helped me understand their actions and motivations better. 

While dealing with their conflicting emotions and changing relationship, Reese and Keen also have to deal with a war between the Fae, which has an interesting impact on our couple.

Like the previous books in the series, Fates Entwined was filled surprises, romance, and action.  I could not wait to see what would happen next and loved the interactions between our main characters and getting to see some familiar faces.  I cannot wait for the next book to see what else Jules Barnard has in store for us.

 My Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

*I received a free digital ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.*


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Sale Alert! All Shook Up by Chelsey Krause...with Giveaway!

Starting today, November 14th thru November 27th ALL SHOOK UP by Chelsey Krause is on sale for $1.99 through all booksellers! Friends become lovers over a whirlwind summer of rockabilly rhythms, twirling skirts, and a mystery that takes them hilariously far out of their element in this humorous and heartwarming romantic comedy! One click and binge read this hot read title today!!

You can read my review for this fabulous book here!

About All Shook Up:

Title: All Shook Up
Author: Chelsey Krause
Publisher: Tryst Books
Release Date: August 17, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 9781988387048

Natalie’s world is shaken to its core when she discovers an old photo of a woman who looks like her. Could this woman be related to her birth mother, who put Natalie up for adoption as a baby? When she tracks down the person who dumped the photo album at her thrift shop, she’s shaken again. Especially when the gorgeous fire-fighting guitarist offers to help her find the owner. They quickly become friends – which is all they’ll be, as far as Natalie’s concerned. Her rebellious youth turned her off cheating men, and the new Natalie is looking for true love and a family of her own – something Casey isn’t willing to provide. But how long can Natalie ignore her undeniable attraction to the man with the Irish accent and the broken-down ’57 Chevy?

In Chelsey Krause’s second novel, friends become lovers over a whirlwind summer of rockabilly rhythms, twirling skirts, and a mystery that takes them hilariously far out of their element.

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!!!!NOW ON SALE FOR $1.99!!!!

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The next morning, a bright, sunny day, I roll out of bed and shrug on a pair of cropped beige tights and a spring dress. By ten thirty, I’m waiting outside of Casey’s house. I’m about to knock on the door when it swings open. Casey is standing there, a crooked smile showcasing one dimple.
And, oh dear God, he’s shirtless.
“Morning, stranger,” he says.
“Do you always answer the door half naked?”
“I just rolled out of bed. You’re lucky I have pants on.”
I feel a smile tugging on my lips. “Do you need a few minutes to get ready?”
He leans into the hallway and grabs a T-shirt and a set of keys off of a narrow table. “I’m good.” He bounds out of the house, and walks down the driveway to the backyard.
Casey turns and beckons me down the driveway. I follow him into a dark garage. Hmm. I sure hope he isn’t a serial killer.
I decide to linger in the doorway. “So, how long have you lived in Canada?”
“Since I was thirteen,” he says. “Why?”
“You still have an accent, so…”
He hits the garage door button, and an ancient motor and pulley system rattles to life. “We came over for Dad’s work. But we were from County Kerry, originally,” he says. “Very thick accents.” 
I’m about to blurt out, “I love your accent,” but think better of it.   
The garage door is finally up, and sunlight spills through the dusty air onto a very old, very sad looking blue truck.   
“That’s your truck?”        
He nods. “Isn’t she great?”
I examine the rust-bitten tailgate. It’s barely hanging on. It doesn’t even look road-worthy. “She’s okay.”
His eyes widen playfully and he places a hand on his chest. “You don’t like Old Blue? But this is a ’57 Chevy! It’s a classic!”
I wrinkle my nose.
Casey pats the hood affectionately. “There, there,” he stage-whispers. “She just needs to get to know you first. You have a great personality.”
He walks over to the passenger side and opens the truck door for me, and I look into the cab. It isn’t filthy, exactly. Everything just looks weathered. Cracked. Stained. 
“I don’t mind driving my car.”
He sighs. “Just get in.”
Copyright © 2016 by Chelsey Krause

About Chelsey Krause:

Chelsey Krause has a thing for thrift stores and used bookshops. A nurse, wife, Starbucks addict, and mom to two children, she can often be found repurposing other people’s junk or considering whether the library would let her move in. The rest of the time, she’s reviewing for Chicklit Club or writing.

All Shook Up is her second novel.

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Blog Tour: Aftermath by Clara Kensie...Review and Giveaway!

Today I am so happy to be a part of the Aftermath Blog Tour!
I loved this emotional and heartbreaking book!
Please keep reading to learn more and to enter a giveaway so can experience the heartbreak and hope for yourself!

About the Book

by Clara Kensie
Publisher: Merit Press
Release: November 15th 2016
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Mystery

Charlotte survived four long years as a prisoner in the attic of her kidnapper, sustained only by dreams of her loving family. The chance to escape suddenly arrives, and Charlotte fights her way to freedom. But an answered prayer turns into heartbreak. Losing her has torn her family apart. Her parents have divorced: Dad's a glutton for fame, Mom drinks too much, and Charlotte's twin is a zoned-out druggie. Her father wants Charlotte write a book and go on a lecture tour, and her mom wants to keep her safe, a virtual prisoner in her own home. But Charlotte is obsessed with the other girl who was kidnapped, who never got a second chance at life--the girl who nobody but Charlotte believes really existed. Until she can get justice for that girl, even if she has to do it on her own, whatever the danger, Charlotte will never be free.

About the Author

Winner of the 2015 RITA Award for Best First Book 
Clara Kensie grew up near Chicago, reading every book she could find and using her diary to write stories about a girl with psychic powers who solved mysteries. She purposely did not hide her diary, hoping someone would read it and assume she was writing about herself. Since then, she's swapped her diary for a computer and admits her characters are fictional, but otherwise she hasn't changed one bit. 

Today, Clara is the author of dark fiction for young adults. Her debut, the super-romantic thriller RUN TO YOU BOOK ONE: DECEPTION SO DEADLY is the winner of the prestigious RITA Award for Best First Book. The RUN TO YOU series was named to several Best Books of 2014 lists, including RT Magazine Editors' Pick. The two-book series was originally published as a six-part serial by Harlequin Teen in 2014 (First Sight, Second Glance, Third Charm, Fourth Shadow, Fifth Touch, and Sixth Sense). By popular demand, the six-part serial is now available as two full-length books: DECEPTION SO DEADLY and DECEPTION SO DARK. 

Her next book is AFTERMATH, a dark, ripped-from-the-headlines contemporary about a girl who returns home four years after being kidnapped, only to find her family has fallen apart in her absence. To fix her broken family--and help find the body of her captor's first victim--the girl must first heal herself. AFTERMATH is a story of hope, healing, and triumph over tragedy, perfect for fans of ROOM and THE LOVELY BONES. Available November 15th 2016 from Merit Press. 

Clara's favorite foods are guacamole and cookie dough. But not together. That would be gross. 

My Review

Title: Aftermath
Author: Clara Kensie
Format: Hardcover 
Source:  Publisher...Merit Press

I have often watched movies and TV Shows, read books, or have seen stories on the news about kidnapped children and wondered about what happens to the families of the must be so difficult and stressful. And what about when they're found? Things are sure to be different as life doesn't stand still for everyone as it might have for the missing person.

In Aftermath, Clara Kensie does a wonderful job of answering these questions and more for one young girl and her family. For four long years, Charlotte was held captive in an attic.  Her only hope was that her family was happy and continuing to live their lives as always just without her. But after her "Keeper" suffers an accident and she is miraculously discovered, she realizes that her family was deeply affected by her disappearance and nothing is as it once was and she is once again heartbroken.

In Charlotte's absence, her father has started a foundation for missing kids in her name and seems to adore the attention it brings. Her once health-conscious mother has turned to alcohol to cope and is deeply depressed. And Charlotte's twin sister Alexa now prefers the name Lex and is fresh out of rehab. It is like coming home to a family of complete strangers. Charlotte is devastated by the effects her disappearance had on her family and blames herself for everything her family has endured.  She longs for the family she once knew and it's very difficult and emotional to read as both she and her family adjust to her reappearance.

As well as dealing with her own rescue and return home, Charlotte is also determined to bring closure to another family as she believes her kidnapper had another victim before her. The only problem is they can't find any evidence of, as she thinks of her, "The One Before." But Charlotte refuses to let the authorities give up and her motivation, as well as the outcome, is heartbreaking.

This book shows that it is not just the victims that suffer, but also the victims' loved ones. In this book it's the ones who find their loved one and must adjust their thinking and new life to include someone they weren't sure they were ever going to see again. It is not easy for any of Charlotte's family to deal with the situation as each blames themselves in some way.  Some have even attempted to move on. And the emotional and heartbreaking moments between Charlotte and her sister really got to me.

Aftermath is such a powerful and emotional book that touched me deeply and had me shedding a tear here and there. I felt for Charlotte and her family, but especially Charlotte. Can you imagine returning home and discovering everything you thought you knew had changed? And it's all because of something that happened to you? Something that you unknowingly caused?  It was difficult to see her blame herself for everything.  Plus she still struggles with everything that was done to her over the last four years as memories continue to creep up on her.  Not to mention everything she has missed out on in society and the outside world by being locked in an attic for four years.  She'll be living with the effects of the kidnapping for the rest of her life and I appreciated how the author dealt with this and showed the long term effects that Charlotte will probably go through.

And poor Lex...she lost her best friend and twin sister and then slowly lost her parents to her sisters' disappearance. And now she has to adjust having her sister back, a sister who has to get to know her all over again because she's changed so much.  You can't blame her for her anger or for feeling neglected. I just wanted to give her a hug because I can only imagine how hard it was for her.

The author made these characters feel like real people whose lives I cared about and whose story broke my heart...that ending! *sob* I admire Charlotte's strength, compassion, and determination to survive.   This story was so special and emotional even more so knowing that it could and has happened just in different ways.

I highly recommend Aftermath and definitely plan on reading more books from Clara Kensie in the future.

My Rating: 5 Stars

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*


Prize: Win (1) hardcopy of AFTERMATH by Clara Kensie (INT) 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Blog Tour: Wear White to Your Funeral by Lisa Acerbo...Review and Giveaway!

About the Book

Wear White to Your Funeral
Lisa Acerbo
Publication date: October 28th 2016
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Young Adult
Rory is your average high school senior. Or she was, until her mother banishes her to hell, also known as Trumbull, Connecticut. The small suburb with only a mall and movie theater, sure feels like the netherworld until Rory’s first day at her new school. That’s the day she meets Bowen, who begs her to join him on a class project. But when Bowen drags her to a graveyard after dark for research purposes, Rory wants to fly back home to Atlanta, or at least return to her aunt’s house unharmed and unmolested.
Nothing could go wrong, right? They talk, they laugh, and they wander among the tombstones looking for information on the local ghostly legend known as the White Lady. Then they have to run, but they cannot outrun a ghost. In addition to the ghostly woman, a half buried dead body leads Rory and Bowen into a deadly game of cat and mouse, but who is the killer? Is it human or something long dead and otherworldly?
The police are of little help, Rory’s aunt just wants her to remain safe, and Bowen, who she can’t stay away from, keeps finding ways to get her into more trouble than she has ever known. Whether breaking into a suspected killer’s house, being followed by a menacing ghost, or being stalked at school, Rory hopes finding the killer will put an end to the supernatural haunting. Before Rory can discover the identity of the killer, she is drawn into the mystery of the White Lady, which opens the door for some very real danger.   

About the Author

Author Bio:
Lisa Acerbo is a high school teacher and holds an EdD in Educational Leadership. She lives in Connecticut with her husband, daughters, three cats, and horse. She is the author of Apocalipstick and has contributed to local newspapers, news and travel blogs including The Patch and Hollywood Scriptwriter.

My Review

Title: Wear White to Your Funeral
Author:  Lisa Acerbo
Format: eBook
Source:  Blog Tour

What starts as a spooky ghost story quickly becomes a thrilling murder mystery as well, when two teens stumble across a body in a cemetery...a body that shouldn't have been there that is.

Rory has just moved to town when she gets paired up with Bowen on a school assignment investigating a local ghost story.  The two soon get way more than they bargain for as their investigation into the legend of The White Lady becomes a murder investigation.  Their investigation leads them to some interesting and dangerous situations before everything is said and done and I'm still not sure why they decided to handle some of the things themselves.  It does make for one interesting book though.

Rory is an interesting character, forced to leave her school in Atlanta her senior year and move to live with her Aunt in Connecticut, she has a lot to be angry about and to adjust to. We don't learn a lot about Bowen's situation until later in the book, but they don't really have much in common. But Bowen becomes Rory friend from the moment they meet (and it almost seems like he is her only friend in town, too).  The pair only grow closer as they work together on their investigations.  And Bowen must have some awesome persuasive skills because he manages to lead her into some troubling and dangerous situations quite often despite her initial reluctance. And I am still not sure how or why she lets him.  It's an interesting relationship.

I did enjoy the spooky ghost story elements and legend of The White Lady and wish there had been more of that included, but I also enjoy a good murder mystery as well.  Wear White to Your Funeral would be perfect for fans of either genre.

My Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*