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Blog Tour: Everyday Magic by Emily Albright...Review, My Dream Cast, & Giveaway!

Everyday Magic (Untitled #2)
by Emily Albright
Publisher: Merit Press
Release Date: December 2nd 2016
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
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For once, Maggie McKendrick just wants to control her own life. Her overbearing Hollywood director father has it all planned out for her: UCLA, law school, then working as an entertainment lawyer, preferably for him. But Maggie has other, more creative-spirit friendly, plans. Namely, Thrippletons School of Fashion and Design in England, and then onto becoming a designer, preferably a wildly successful one. The big snag in her plan? Getting it past her dad.

A movie shoot takes the family to the Scottish Highlands for the summer, and closer to Maggie’s dream school. While there, she runs into the charming Preston Browne. Maggie is intrigued and decides to bend her no guys rule—instituted after her ex used her to get close to her dad. Forced to keep secrets from Preston in order to protect the future plans she’s made, Maggie finds herself falling for the tall Brit. And for once in her life she knows that he’s interested in her, not her Hollywood connections. When Maggie's father blackmails her into dating his lead actor, she isn’t left with a choice. The biggest problem isn’t having to date hunky, mega-hottie, Ben Chambers. No, it’s praying she doesn’t lose Preston in the process.

Excelling at her dream school, Maggie’s personal life is a tangled mess. She needs to decide if living a lie is worth losing Preston or chance going against her father and facing his wrath. When the tabloids expose the truth of her fake relationship with Ben, Maggie's world is thrown into a tailspin. Ultimately, Maggie must find the courage to take risks and forge ahead on her own path.

Emily Albright's debut novel, THE HEIR AND THE SPARE, is releasing January 18, 2016 from Merit Press.

She's a writer, a major bookworm, a lover of romantic movies, a wife, a mother, an owner of one adorable (yet slightly insane) cockapoo, and uses way too many :).

My Review

You can read my review for the first book in the Untitled series, The Heir and the Spare, here!

Title: Everyday Magic (Untitled #2)
Author: Emily Albright 
Format: Digital ARC
Source: FFBC/Author

Everyday Magic is just as delightful as the first book in this fun series from author, Emily Albright.

The daughter of a famous film director, Maggie is spending the summer with her family in Scotland while her dad shoots a new movie. While there Maggie hopes to build up the courage to tell her father about her aspirations and plans to attend design school in England. However, things don't quite go as Maggie expected when her father concocts a scheme blackmailing her into dating his new star.

This also interferes with a new relationship that Maggie has formed with Preston, a character we met in the first book in the series who I am delighted to see return.  Maggie and Preston have an instant connection from the moment the two meet, but lies and lack of communication threatens their relationship almost from the start.

I really felt for Preston and Maggie in this one and wish Maggie had been honest and stood up for herself sooner, but could understand her fear. Maggie and her family have a lot to adjust to and have to make quite a few changes as consequences of certain actions. This has a big impact on Maggie and her choices, but just like in the first book (and in many romance novels to be honest, not to mention real life), novels, a lot can be solved if people would simply communicate. But then I wouldn't have gotten to enjoy this lovely book.

And Everyday Magic was definitely an entertaining book filled with great characters, both the main and secondary ones. Both Maggie and Preston have a wonderful circle of friends. I certainly hope we get to see more of them in future books.

I truly am a sucker for a nice romance and while I wanted to shake the main characters a time or two, I couldn't help but root for them as a couple and hope they'd work things out and find happiness. Especially Preston, who won me over in The Heir and the Spare.  And while this is part of a series, I think it reads quite well as a standalone...but you might want to read the first anyway just to see more of Preston and his friends, who do make an appearance here.

This lovely romance by Emily Albright was a quick and easy read that was very entertaining.

My Rating: 4 Stars

*I received a digital ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

My Dream Cast

So I thought it would be fun (and since the book involves some Hollywood Royalty) to Dream Cast a movie version of Everyday Magic....please keep in mind that I am usually HORRIBLE at this and expect most (if not all) of you to disagree with my choices if/once you've read the book.  I am only casting the main couple because this is really their story and they were my main focus while reading. If I ever re-read the book, I might have thoughts on the other characters or even different thoughts about these.

Image source

So for Maggie...she's described as having brown and blue eyes hair, very creative interested in fashion and design...Don't know about the eyes, but I could definitely see Hailee Steinfeld in this role. Plus, I adore Hailee Steinfeld. 

Image source

And Preston is a tall, blond, cute, kind, and clever young Brit...Sam Claflin...because well, he's Sam Claflin. And he's who I pictured reading book one.

There are so many other characters that I could also cast and so many possibilities, but I'm more interested in who you'd cast? I know you might not have read this one yet, but have any suggestions for The Heir and the Spare? Or any actors or actresses come to mind when you read the blurb for Everyday Magic?


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