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Blog Tour: The Fixer by Jenny Holiday...Guest Post and Giveaway!

Anyone who knows me knows how big a fan of the '80s I am...the movies, the music, the TV shows, the styles...well, maybe not so much the styles. But I was born during that totally fab decade, so I am totally excited to be a stop on The Fixer Blog Tour and to be hosting author, Jenny Holiday as she stops by to share some of her favorite '80s Romantic Movies (it's like she read my mind, y'all)!

First, here is some info about the first book in this new '80s inspired series...

Title: The Fixer
Series: New Wave Newsroom #1
Author: Jenny Holiday
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: September 13, 2016
Length: 35k words
Format: Digital/Paperback
Digital ISBN: 978-0-9950927-1-6
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9950927-0-9

Jenny Fields is a crusader. The editor of her college newspaper, she never met a cause she couldn’t get behind. So when the administration announces it’s tearing down the historic art building, she’s on the case All she needs to do is get Matthew Townsend, the art department’s boy wonder, on board. They say he his talent is unbounded. It turns out so is his ego.

Matthew Townsend cares about art. And that’s pretty much it. If he has a reputation for being moody and aloof, that suits him just fine. He doesn’t have a family worth speaking of, and as a scholarship student, he can’t afford to goof off like the preppy rich kids at his school. He certainly doesn’t care about the art building. Or about the relentlessly perky Jenny, who looks like she was barfed up by Rainbow Brite. What will it take to the preternaturally cheerful girl with the massive savior complex to leave him alone?

Available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks
And here is a little about Jenny Holiday...
Jenny Holiday started writing at age nine when her awesome fourth grade teacher gave her a notebook and told her to start writing some stories. That first batch featured mass murderers on the loose, alien invasions, and hauntings. (Looking back, she’s amazed no one sent her to a kid-shrink.) She’s been writing ever since. After a brief detour to get a PhD in geography, she worked as a professional writer, producing everything from speeches to magazine articles. More recently, her tastes having evolved from alien invasions to happily-ever-afters, she tried her hand at romance. A lifelong city-lover, she lives in Toronto, Canada, with her family. She is represented by Courtney Miller-Callihan of Greenburger Associates.
You can visit her online at the following places: 

And now here is author Jenny Holiday to share some awesome '80s movies that you should definitely check out...
Six romantic 1980s movies everyone should see... 

All right, this was HARD! There were a lot of great movies in the 1980s! I’ve limited myself here to half a dozen movies and to movies where romance is a big part of the plot. (Because otherwise we could go on and on: Star Wars, Heathers, Blade Runner, Labyrinth…)

John Hughes movies
John Hughes movies really need a category all their own, don’t they? The chronicler of the 1980s high school experience was, for a time, a master. My personal favorite, even though it is less overtly romantic than movies like Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink, was The Breakfast Club. The simple conceit of a bunch of kids trapped together in Saturday detention (and the teacher somehow leaves them alone all day, naturally)—what could better? I loved the romance between Molly Ringwald’s Claire and Judd Nelson’s Bender, aka “the princess” and “the criminal.” When she gives him the diamond earring at the end? Swoon. (And of course, he puts it in his single pieced ear. It is the 1980s, after all.) I think we were supposed to take from the ending of that nothing is going to change for the kids socially once they’re back in the normal routine of school, but I refuse to believe it. I always thought Claire and John endured, despite the odds.

Better Off Dead
This is a very sweet, very weird little movie that not many people saw, and I think it’s my all-time favorite 1980s movie. It starred John Cusack (who, I read later, disavowed it) as a hapless and heartbroken high school boy who’s just been dumped by his vapid girlfriend and Diane Franklin as the French exchange student who moves in next door. Their romance blossoms amid science experiments gone wrong, fantasy animation sequences, fast food burgers come to life, deranged paperboys, and friendly stoners who can’t seem to get their hands on real drugs. (Did I mention this movie is weird?) But the slow fall that our hero and heroine undertake is charming. The movie has become a cult favorite for a reason.

Romancing the Stone
Joan (Kathleen Turner) is a romance novelist. Jack (Michael Douglas) is a smuggler. They meet in the Columbian jungle, where Joan is trying to ransom her kidnapped sister (don’t you hate it when that happens?). There’s a treasure map, a disgruntled nemesis, and a helpful drug lord who loves romance novels. What more do you want?

Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Baby Helen Hunt and Baby Sarah Jessica Parker star in this movie about two Catholic school pals who sneak out at night to compete in a televised dance competition. Of course, mousy Sarah Jessica falls in love with her dance partner, a boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Their love and their contest fate in are threatened by a Mean Girl rival, and, as is so often the case in real life, the whole thing must be settled by a dance-off. 

Lady Jane
Probably this shouldn’t be included since although it was released in the 1980s, it is set in the mid-sixteen century. The movie tells the story of sixteen-year-old Lady Jane Grey, a great-granddaughter of Henry VIII who, for nine days, though the machinations of her parents and others, inherited the English throne. The facts of the story are true, though the movie focuses on (and embellishes) Jane’s romance with her arranged husband, Guilford Dudley. There’s something very John Hughesesque about the movie, which is why I include it here—Jane and Guildford are a couple of kids falling in love as they try to make their way in a world that adults have made for them. There are even romance montages. And Jane and Guildford are played by Helena Bonham Carter and Cary Elwes before they were famous. (And for that matter, Jane’s father is played by Patrick Stewart, before his Captain Picard fame). Watching tightly-wound Jane and dissolute Guildford fall for each other is a pleasure. (Though, mind you—SPOLIER ALERT!—they do lose their heads a the end, so…)

Say Anything
Ahhh, is there anything better than devoted Lloyd Dobler and his pursuit of perfect Diane Court? He doesn’t want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything. He doesn’t want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought or processed. He puts his jacket on the ground so she doesn’t have to walk through a puddle. And of course there’s the famous boom box scene. Sigh.

Thanks so much Jenny for the recommendations!
I haven't seen all of Jenny's choices (which I plan on rectifying), but I completely agree with almost all of the others...especially the John Hughes and Girls Just Want to Have Fun recs!  And the boombox scene in Say Anything gets me every definitely check that one out!

And I also recommend you check out Jenny's book, The Fixer!

Now for the giveaway!

Follow the tour and enter to win a $20.00 Amazon GC and 1980’s themed adult coloring book!
Make sure to watch for books two and three coming this fall!
Entries from all tours will be eligible for an additional grand prize!

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And be sure to be on the lookout for more books from the New Wave Newsroom coming this fall!
The Gossip: coming Oct 4, 2016:
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The Pacifist: coming Oct 25, 2015:
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So do you have any favorite '80s movies???

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