Monday, April 17, 2017

My Dream Lootcrate!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably already know this, but I'm a big fan of subscription boxes and subscribe to a couple.  One box that I don't get, but have always wanted is a Lootcrate... imagine my surprise and excitement when I heard about the chance to create MY Dream Lootcrate!  I could put anything in this dream box that I loved and wanted.  If you don't already know, the Lootcrate boxes are monthly mystery crates for pop culture fans filled with awesome and exclusive items and apparel from TV shows, movies, games and more! They are filled with items that are perfect for geeks, collectors, and fans.

Anyway, here is a little more about this specific project:

Ever want to put together your own crate of awesome items from the world of pop-culture?? Well now is your chance! Loot Crate is looking for fans to come up with ideas they'd do if they could put together their own crate. The subscription service for geeks and collectors of all trends is encouraging all fans to get involved and share their own Dream Crate.
Sounds fun, right?

Well, it took me awhile to come up with exactly what I would want...I mean the possibilities are endless and this my DREAM crate!  There are so many themes and things I could (and wanted to) include!

Obviously, it had to contain things that I love, so I knew it had to be a little bit bookish. But I am also a total nerd for anything Disney or Harry Potter. But how could I combine all three of my passions and still have a somewhat cohesive crate? 

I thought about it for a bit and finally I realized what these three things all have in common...MAGIC!

Books are magical portals to other worlds, Harry Potter is all about magical beings and creatures, and there is no magic quite like the magic found in a Disney song, movie, or character.  Plus, all three manage to make me smile no matter how bad I feel and that's pretty magical, too, if you ask me.

I scoured the Internet looking for items that were just right and there were SO many I wanted and wished I could include.  But I narrowed it down and now I am pleased to "Do You Believe in Magic? Lootcrate"

So what did I decide to put in my magical Dream Crate....

Every item is related to Harry Potter, Disney, Books or a combination of two or all of them.

1. A tote bag. I love tote bags and carry them around like purses.  This particular one was found on Society6 and is perfect for this theme!

2. A T-shirt.  Everybody likes Tees, right?  Every time I read this shirt I can't help but smile...and sing it in my head.  I love it so much!  This specific shirt was found on Amazon.

3. Artwork.  I am a HUGE fan of Risa Rodil's work absolutely love this quote and find it perfect for this box.  You can get her work on several different sites, but I stumbled across this one on her Society6 page

4. A necklace. For my box I included this wand necklace that I found on Amazon.  It's so pretty and it's nice to think you have a little piece of magic with you whenever you wear it.

5. A bookmark. Every time I see this one I am reminded of "Wingardium Leviosa" and it was also found on Amazon.

6.  A mug.  Never has a mug been more true for me than this one I found on

7. A Keychain. I collect keychains and I am absolutely in love with this one featuring the house from one of my favorite Disney/Pixar movies, UP.  Found it on

8. A Pop Funko vinyl figure.  Any Disney or Harry Potter Pop would work.  I put these princess ones down as an example and love them.

9. A book.  Well, obviously I'm going to include a did see the title of my blog?  This one is just an example of one I wouldn't mind and is a retelling of one of my favorite Disney movies and fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast.

10. Socks!  Socks are a fun accessory that can really express your personality.  Found these bookish socks from ModSocks here.

11. A wallet. Got to keep my funds for books and fandom merch somewhere and this one featuring my favorite Disney princess and fellow bookworm from HotTopic is perfect for me.

12. Stickers. These can be fun and be placed just about anywhere. These bookish ones are available on LookHuman.

13. A journal or notebook.  Again, Risa Rodil has amazing designs and I love this Harry Potter one that I found on her RedBubble site.

Well, that is what I'd put in my Dream Crate...quite a bit more than I originally planned, but believe me when I say that it was so hard to narrow it down...the possibilities were truly endless.

So what would you put in your Dream Crate?