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Blog Tour: Of the Trees by E.M.Fitch...Review & Giveaway!

Today it is my pleasure to tell you about Of the Trees, a new release by E.M. Lynch from Month9Books!
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Author: E.M. Fitch
Pub. Date: February 28, 2017
Publisher: Month9Books
Format: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 345

Cassie and Laney fancy themselves amateur ghost hunters. When a carnival comes to town, Cassie embraces the chance to try something new. 

Carnival workers watch the girls with a collective gaze that ignites in Laney a dark and dangerous fascination, leaving Cassie unnerved. 

It's not just their age or the unsettling way they stare. There is something in the shifting of their skin and the way their features seem to change in the shadows. 

Cassie can's shake this sickening feeling that there's more to the carnival than meets the eye. 

When townspeople suddenly start dying and bloody warnings appear around town, Cassie is lured into a nightmare where trees whisper and strange, shape-shifting men haunt the backwoods she once hunted for ghosts with her best friend. 

Then Laney goes missing, and only Cassie can get her back. But the creatures of the trees aren't simply going to hand Laney over to Cassie without getting something in return.

E.M. Fitch is an author who loves scary stories, chocolate, and tall trees. When not dreaming up new ways to torture characters, she is usually corralling her four children or thinking of ways to tire them out so she can get an hour of peace at night. She lives in Connecticut, surrounded by chaos, which she manages (somewhat successfully) with her husband, Marc.

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Title: Of the Trees
Author: E.M. Fitch
Format: Digital ARC
Source: Publisher (Month9Books)
Genre: YA 

Of the Trees was a highly entertaining read filled with suspense and twists I didn't see coming.

Best friends Laney and Cassie are an interesting pair who share a love for the spooky and enjoy ghost hunting.  In fact, we first meet the pair as they are ghost hunting in a local cemetery.  As a fan of all things supernatural, I was eager to read their story and I was not disappointed.

Things begin to change for the pair after a carnival comes to town bringing with it some suspicious characters and some strange happenings.  Laney seems to change after visiting the carnival and soon after the carnival leaves, she goes missing.  Cassie is determined to find her friend despite the mysterious and ominous people she meets and events that occur along the way.  The outcome was definitely not one I expected and it's hard to write this review because I don't want to spoil things so I'll just say that if you read this book you are definitely in for a strange and fun supernatural ride.

I can say that at first I wasn't quite sure where the story was heading.  It started a little slow with quite a few unusual events occurring that made me wonder about how they'd fit in with the overall story or if they'd even fit.  I remained curious to see what was going on and soon found myself immersed in this story.  I couldn't wait to see what would happen next and I was definitely surprised with each  creepy and strange twist and turn.

The author does an amazing job at painting the scene and characters through strong and wonderful descriptions.  I could easily picture each scene from the creepy woods that surround Cassie's neighborhood to the fascinating, heart-stopping events that happen at the carnival.  The suspense built with each chapter and kept my interest throughout.

I also loved the characters the author created. Each had distinct and interesting personalities that fit the story and made me want to know more.  Cassie was a fascinating and fun character that I could easily relate to and root for as were many of the other characters we meet in the story.

I cannot wait to read more from this author and hope that we get a chance to revisit the characters in the book.

*I received a free digital  arc in exchange for an honest review.*

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