Sunday, March 26, 2017

Blog Tour: The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco...Review, Favorite Quotes, Giveaway, & More!

It's my turn to tell you about Rin Chupeco's new release, The Bone Witch!
This was a fascinating story filled with rich detail and intriguing characters.
Keep reading to find out more about the book, its author, my thoughts and more!
The Bone Witch (#1)
by Rin Chupeco
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Release Date: March 7, 2017
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal

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The beast raged; it punctured the air with its spite. But the girl was fiercer. 

Tea is different from the other witches in her family. Her gift for necromancy makes her a bone witch, who are feared and ostracized in the kingdom. For theirs is a powerful, elemental magic that can reach beyond the boundaries of the living—and of the human.

Great power comes at a price, forcing Tea to leave her homeland to train under the guidance of an older, wiser bone witch. There, Tea puts all of her energy into becoming an asha, learning to control her elemental magic and those beasts who will submit by no other force. And Tea must be strong—stronger than she even believes possible. Because war is brewing in the eight kingdoms, war that will threaten the sovereignty of her homeland…and threaten the very survival of those she loves.

Rin Chupeco wrote obscure manuals for complicated computer programs, talked people out of their money at event shows, and did many other terrible things. She now writes about ghosts and fairy tales but is still sometimes mistaken for a revenant. She wrote The Girl from the Well, its sequel, The Suffering, and The Bone Witch, the first book of a new YA Fantasy trilogy. Find her at
Title: The Bone Witch
Author: Rin Chupeco
Format: Digital ARC
Source: Netgalley/Publisher 

Confession...I was originally drawn to this book solely by its gorgeous cover. Once I read the synopsis, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.  And while I was definitely intrigued and entertained by this lovely fantasy, I was also a tiny bit let down.

As I began the story, I was a little unsure of exactly what was going on, but the more I read, the more I was able to understand and slowly began to enjoy the story and its lead character, Tea.  Alternating between an unknown narrator's point of view as they question the bone witch Tea about her past and Tea's own recollections, the story features a fascinating world of magic, power, and intrigue. Tea provides detailed flashbacks of how she became who she is as she shares her memories and prepares for revenge for something that is not clear to readers at first. Meanwhile, the narrator character does a wonderful job of showing the changes between the young, inexperienced asha (witch) Tea tells us about and the fierce, vengeful witch that she has become. Tea is a fascinating character full of contradictions that at times it is difficult to remember that the character our narrator describes is the same person as our young, innocent bone witch who is just learning the ways of the world. She experiences an interesting, and at times emotional, journey that definitely impacts her in so many ways.

The flashbacks of this journey begin when, at a young age, Tea discovers that, unlike the other witches in her family, she is a bone witch, one of the most feared asha in the land because of their powerful magic and gift for necromancy.  As Tea shares her story, we learn of her early training and the events and people that shaped her as well as learning more about the world that Rin Chupeco has created.

And it definitely is an interesting world with various types of asha and different magical elements that captured my attention.  Each chapter revealed something new and helped me to picture Tea's life and world.

However, despite the rich and vivid descriptions the author provides, the story moves a little slow, in my opinion, and I soon grew a little impatient waiting to see where the author and characters were taking us.  In addition, there were so many characters and terms to keep up with, that I feared I'd become lost in the story...and not in a good way. Nevertheless, I continued to read and was glad I did so because it ended up being an entertaining story.  

Overall, while I didn't LOVE this book as I had hoped, I still enjoyed and liked it and would read more of the author's work.
*I received a free digital ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

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Rin made some adorable chibi sketches for the eight different types of kingdom asha (one for each of the eight kingdoms).
If you like, you can take a quiz to find out which asha you are most like!
I got Kion! 
How about you?


  1. Those book quotes are SO BEAUTIFUL!! I love how you put them together!! And I got Kion too! I guess we like to work alone. HAHAHA kind of perfect for a bookworm if you ask me :) Thanks for participating in the tour!

  2. This book caught me right off with dark, twisty magic and creepy, original monsters. There are some really great twists. The heroine isn't perfect and I liked that. Tea kept me coming back to her story to hear a little more, to read what happened next. Fantasy can overdo the details but Chupeco knows when to cut out the boring travel or pivot. If I had a complaint it's only that this sets up at least one more book and I don't have it to read right now.

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